October 6, 2020

Scott Hynes

School District:Atherton Community Schools

How long have you lived in your district?

25 Years

Have you received any endorsements?


Are you an incumbent?


Why do you want to be a school board member?

Atherton has a close knit educational family, in which I am proud to be a member of. I have had four children that have graduated from Atherton and went on to all also get degrees. I want to continue Atherton’s educational journey, building on the successes and continue to provide a quality education ensuring a bright future for every student that enters through it’s doors.

What does education justice mean to you? What does it mean specifically in the context of your school district?

Education is always been a priority in our family unconditionally. We strive to drive every student to reach their fullest protentional and provide them the tools to succeed, whether it is college or a trade school, we want to ensure that they reach the highest peak that lead to successful future

If you could completely reimagine the way schools look after this public health crisis, what would they look like?

Given the current pandemic and the consistent changes as it evolves we have to be able to be flexible and adapt to these changes everyday. Once the pandemic is under control and we return to the new normal we will several new forms and ways of education. A one size fits all model will not be the way of the future. We currently are moving and learning new models of education with on line, in person and other forms of education. It has been a pleasure watching the Atherton Family evolve in these new ways while continuing to provide a quality education.

Describe how you think parents, students, and families should be involved in making decisions within your school district?

We strive to get continuous family involvement. At Atherton parents are encouraged to attend board meetings and committee meeting. I try to attend several events and actively seek input on informal basis also. Our student representatives bring us issues or concerns and successes that assist me in making key decisions.

Who (if any) are your top financial supporters for your campaign?


What are your top 3 educational priorities/goals within your school district?

My top three priorities are ensuring every student has the opportunities to succeed in their fullest protentional. The second priority is making sure we provide a safe environment to learn in. We took a major step in that directional in the passing on the bond adding even more measures that a student can feel they are in a safe environment while achieving their goals. Last being fiscally responsible to ensure we can provide all the tools and being able to fine the best teachers that will move our district forward.

What are your top 3 educational priorities/goals at a state level?

To get the proper funding our students deserve. Without the proper funding it makes it much more challenging to find the resources that lead to a students success. We need to ensure the state provides fair and equitable standards. To many times mandates are handed down unfunded which cause stress on the system. The third goal is to ensure our voices are heard in Lansing with representative body and are in line with the goals of the district.

What challenges do you anticipate this school year to COVID and what do you think your school district must do to keep students & staff safe?

As I stated earlier there are challenges every day with guidelines changing sometimes daily. We have to be the most informative body and ensure we enact these swiftly. We have to ensure these are implemented and we have the necessary protections and equipment in place

What should be your school district’s top spending priorities in their budget? Alternatively, what should not be prioritized your district’s budget?

Our number one priority is to ensure that we have all the learning tools budgeted and provided for. We also have to ensure labor is provided and budgeted where a student needs its and that there is fairness and equity throughout the district

What role do you think standardized tests should play in your school district?

Test should play a role but not the only role. There are so many variables to test that are not taking into consideration that you cannot let it be the sole guide to your district.

If you could have an impact on your school district’s curriculum, what changes would you make? What, if anything, would you keep the same?

We have had major impacts on our curriculum adding a director. We are constantly looking at new forms of reaching students and necessarily a one size fits all. We are constantly evaluating those and implementing them, such a new math and science

What responsibility do you believe your school district has in supporting students’ and staffs’ mental and emotional health/wellbeing?

I believe in this time of the health crisis we have learned a lot and continue to learn. I feel strongly we need to support our students and staff through out this difficult time and into the future.

How do you think your school district should handle student discipline/and make schools a safe place for students and staff?

Student discipline first should be handled at the teacher and administrative level before coming to the board. We have policy and guidelines that have served us well and we continue to review those. As stated earlier safety is of paramount importance and will continue to be one.

What are your top priorities around special education in your district?

Atherton has several special education needs. We provide several needs in Special Education to the community and we will continue to do so. We will continue to provide those resources and build upon them as they change and evolve with every students needs.

What is your perspective on working towards achieving equity within your school district?

Diversity and inclusion are on of the districts tops goals throughout the district. We have implemented several trainings as our district becomes more diverse and delivered. I will continue to push this as it is such a key to Atherton continuing to be a successful district.

Any other information you want to include or share?