Over the course of the summer, our organizational partners held over 60 listening sessions in their communities, from Cheboygan to Detroit, Grand Rapids to Saginaw. We wanted to ensure that our platform reflected our communities’ needs and values, so we asked educators, students, parents, caretakers, and community members how they reimagine schools after COVID. What we learned that is schools – even before COVID – were making us sick.

From crumbling school buildings across the state to the overbearing emphasis on standardized tests, our schools have been making us sick.

From school budgets that prioritize policing over mental health to curriculum that doesn’t reflect students’ identities and cultures, our schools have been making us sick.

Ultimately, these educational issues and inequities have only been supercharged by COVID, and our listening sessions affirmed that we need healthy and healing schools, now.


MEJC Platform - Our Schools must be equitably and fully funded