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No matter the zip code, no matter the disability, ALL of our kids must have the opportunity to learn in a way that allows them to thrive. Check out more info on ensuring our curriculums meet the needs of our students.

School Board Candidate Questionnaire Responses

Candidates across Michigan have weighed in! Click here to search by school district for candidates responses to MEJC's statewide questionnaire for 2022 .

Student Discipline

Check out Student Advocacy Center for various resources.

For MI Kids, For Our Schools

Parents and educators are standing together to defend our local schools from DeVos’ voucher scheme. Learn More


Educators are burnt out! Check out this on what is really going on.


DEI Initiatives and practices in our schools are a critical component of our educational system.



PRESS RELEASE: Michigan Education Justice Coalition Reacts to Gov. Whitmer State of the State Address

Jan 25, 2023: "Gov. Gretchen Whitmer called for a number of measures to improve education in her State of the State speech this evening, including calling for the establishment of a universal pre-k program and investing surplus budget dollars to help catch students up who had fallen behind on learning goals during the pandemic. In response to these measures, Michigan Education Justice Coalition director Trina Tocco issued the following statement."

PRESS RELEASE: Governor Gretchen Whitmer, other statewide candidates attend Michigan Education Justice Coalition Youth-Led Healthy and Healing School Board Candidate Forum

Oct 28, 2022: "The Michigan Education Justice Coalition held a forum featuring candidates running for statewide positions related to education. This, youth-led candidate forum included young people from across Michigan who asked questions of candidates."

News Clip from EclectaBlog

Sept 16, 2022: "The Michigan Education Justice Coalition (MEJC) has authored a set of key values titled the Healthy and Healing Schools Platform. These values guide the vision MEJC holds for building a system of public schools that provides public access to quality educational options and positive learning environments for ALL children in Michigan. Now is a unique time to leverage ESSER funds to implement systems, structures, and resources to ensure our children get the best education possible. This document serves as a set of recommendations for LEAs to allocate ESSER funds based on the Values defined in the Healthy and Healing Schools Platform."

NEWS CLIP: They're Trying to Distract and Divide Us

Aug 12, 2022, Michigan Advance: “We have to focus on raising the voices of actual parents with kids in schools, not stoking distrust and whipping up conflict that may or may not be at the forefront of people’s minds for political gain,” Harding said."

MEJC Statement on 2022-23 Education Budget

“First, the Michigan Education Justice Coalition is committed to long term equitable funding for Michigan’s public schools. We are pleased with some of the increases in the k-12 budget. However, our schools still have a $4 billion plus deficit in school funding so we are disappointed that $7 billion was not allocated this year. If allocated, this money could significantly impact our children in a positive way."

Advocates for Students, Public Schools Call for Funding Education Priorities

Jun 21, 2022: “The pandemic has exposed so many needs for our students. After living through a pandemic, virtual learning and now constant drills for and threats of gun violence, our students are in dire need of real solutions to their problems,” Arlyssa Heard of 482Forward. “That’s why we need to devote the dollars the state has to counseling and other services needed for students.”